Thursday, March 03, 2005

Another Milestone For the Bush Administration: 1500 US GIs Dead in Iraq / News / World / U.S. military dead in Iraq rises to 1,500, Associated Press tally shows

Is it all worth it?

Iraq's interim government is proving to be just as brutal as Saddam's was. But once upon a time, Saddam was our brute, and then he decided not to be. So now we have a new set set of brutes. And despite administration assurances that the interim government will be respectful of human rights in the future, Iraq yesterday reversed its two-week-old decision to be a part of the International Criminal Court. Freedom on the march? I don't think so.

Talks aimed at forming a government faltered yesterday on Kurdish demands for constitutional protections in the all-but-certainly-coming Islamic Republic of Iraq. Many Kurds want--at the very least--autonomy or complete separation. A break-up of Iraq could occur, as could civil war--or both.

John Abazaid says that we've (more or less) "broken the back" of the insurgency, and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is all but finished. Yet, there are indications that the US has given up on the idea of military victory over the insurgents, opting instead for a negotiated settlement. Meanwhile, Al Qa'ida has gone online in Iraq, bragging about all the destructive, murderous acts they are getting away with. That sounds like we've got them on the run, doesn't it?

Oh, and this just in: there's a state of emergency in Iraq...

Great job, PNAC. Great job, Mr. President.


keno said...

1500 dead? At least their families will be cared for... or will they?

EQ said...

It's all smoke and mirrors. Without independent journalists on the scene, no story from over there can be trusted. Every story has to be vetted through an office in Atlanta before it is released... meaning: it's all getting massively filtered/censored.

Also hearing rumors that some well known blogs (i.e.- Baghdad Burning) are not authentic. After Gannon, this shouldn't surprise anyone.