Saturday, July 14, 2007

Taking Some Time Off...

I look at my numbers every night and I see that there are still a thousand people reading IN THE DARK every month, even though I've not been keeping up with the blog much this summer.

It's been a very busy summer, what with the McLuhan Award, my step-son's wedding, and all, and now I'm back to teaching in the second summer session at Roosevelt University. I am also working on my second book, a book I've been working on since about 1999, tentatively called "The Metaphysics of Media." I hope to finish it this year, perhaps before Christmas. I realized that, in order to do so, I have to cut back on my blogging. Believe it or not, since I began this blog in November of 2004, I have posted the equivalent of a 1,500 page book (don't believe me? Go through the archives and look).

I'll still be posting from time to time, when the spirit of a story really moves me, and I suppose I'll have to blog regularly when I teach my RU course, "The Alternative Media."

But, please, dear reader, don't forget about me; I'll be back from time to time, and it is my full and complete intention to blog regularly once again when this second book is finished and accepted by a publisher (by the way, any publishers out there that would like to read a manuscript written by a writer whose first book won the Marshall McLuhan Award for Outstanding Book in the Field of Media Ecology, please contact me).

To all,
PS: my e-mail address is Drop me a line -- I'd love to hear from you.