Sunday, March 13, 2005

US Army : We Beat Prisoners to Death

t r u t h o u t - We Beat Prisoners to Death, Says U.S. Army:

It worked so well in Afghanistan that they just moved the whole company over to Iraq, right Howie?

"Among those implicated in the killings at Bagram were members of Company A of the 519th Military Intelligence Battalion, from Fort Bragg, N.C. The battalion went on to Iraq, where some members established the interrogation unit at Abu Ghraib and have been implicated in some abuses there. "
Of course, none of this is a smoking gun. Right-wingers want to see proof that someone actually signed an authorization for torture (as if). Even then they wouldn't be convinced, or they wouldn't care. At the very least, this is a sign of COLOSSAL INCOMPETENCE in the leadership of the DOD and of the Army. If this unit was killing prisoners in Afghanistan and no one knew about it, and then they were sent over to Iraq to run Abu Ghraib, and none of this was for the specific purpose of setting up an infrastructure of torture, then someone is INCREDIBLY STUPID.

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