Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just a thought

The first Republican primary for Illinois governor was held on Jan. 25 in Naperville, Ill.

When illegal immigration came up, State Sen. Brady (Bloomington) said he largely agreed with Businessman Jim Oberweis but not to the point of "rounding them up in your helicopter and dropping them in Soldier Field" — a reference to a harsh television commercial Oberweis used two years ago when running for the U.S. Senate.

I forgot all about that stupid commercial. Luckily, I don't buy Oberweis milk or ice cream. (And if I did, I would have stopped two years ago.)

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Richard said...

I thought about giving up Oberweis ice cream, too. Then I realized (actually, my partner deserves credit for this) that every dime Oberweis makes from selling his oh-so-scrumptious-and-overpriced ice cream is a dime he can spend making himself, and the party of which he is a proud member, look ridiculous. His hate speech may attract a few followers, but he mostly turns people off. And that, oddly enough, is a very good thing. So don't give up your sundae fix! Or at least don't give it up to spite Jim.