Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"...You Have to Down Planes, You Have to Sink Ships, You Have to be Prepared to Attack Anything that is Within Your Reach..."

Are we, or are we not, fighting a "war on terror?"

Why is the United States of America refusing to bring a terrorist who is in our possession to justice? The handling of the case of Luis Posada Carriles makes a mockery of both the Bush administration and the news media's creation and propaganda of this so-called "war on terror."

One of Posada's acomplices, Orlando Bosch, pardoned by the first Bush regime in 1991, was interviewed last week by a Miami television reporter. Here is an example of the thoughts of one of OUR terrorists (the emphases, however, are mine):
Juan Manuel Cao (interviewer): In that action 76 persons were killed (the correct figure is 73, including a pregnant passenger)?
Orlando Bosch: No chico, in a war such as us cubans who love liberty wage against the tyrant, you have to down planes, you have to sink ships, you have to be prepared to attack anything that is within your reach.
Is this what Americans are dying in Iraq for? Is this what we are preparing for war with Iran for? Ask yourself, how in the world can we support terrorists and claim to be waging a war on terror?
Juan Manuel Cao: If you ran into the family members who were killed in that plane, wouldn't you think it difficult . . . ?
Orlando Bosch: No, because in the end those who were there had to know that they were cooperating with the tyranny in Cuba.
Yes, this guy was pardoned by George Herbert Walker Bush, former President, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. His accomplice, Posada, may very likely be pardoned by George W. Bush at the end of his term.

I love America. But THIS is not America.

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