Wednesday, May 17, 2006

DOD releases Pentagon 9/11 video

The public interest group, Judicial Watch, announced yesterday that the Department of Defense released the missing video tape of American Airlines Flight 77 striking the Pentagon on September 11. The DOD contacted Judicial Watch about A Freedom of Information request the group filed for the video in January but said they would not release the tape because it was part of an investigation involving Zacarias Moussaoui. Now that the trial is over the DOD said they could provide the footage.

I heard very little about this from the media yesterday and today. The group’s website is saying that it hopes the tape "will put to rest the conspiracy theories involving Flight 77."

There are two videos on the website that give two angles of the crash from a guard checkpoint. The first video has more footage. Fast-forward to about one minute and 20 seconds into the video, there is a sliver flash in the middle right corner and then the explosion. The tape is grainy and it is difficult to tell what exactly is hitting the Pentagon.

The second video is from a guard tower that most have been a little bit further back. The crash happens much more quickly in this video.

I'm not sure that this will put to satisfy the "tin foil hat people" but it certainly seems crucial in understanding what happened on that terrible day.

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