Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Olbermann blasts Bush and Fox News

I had a brief e-mail correspondence with Keith Olbermann in my last years at NBC. I was in NY working on the TODAY show, he was in Fort Lee, NJ, anchoring MSNBC's nighttime coverage of the Monica Lewinsky show-trial. He, like myself, was livid at both the "liberal" media and our corporate bosses for doing the bidding of the GOP and selling this admittedly vulgar affair as a bona fide constitutional crisis. I liked him immediately.
Love him or hate him, it's impossible not to give him credit for having the guts to tell the emperor he's walking around naked. In the last months he has been calling the Bush administration out on a regular basis. He is no longer content to sit by and witness wrongdoing, listen to lies, accept coverups, and allow corporate shills to make ad hominem attacks on conscientious Americans who think their country is moving ion the wrong direction.
I respect the hell out of him.



Dr. Fallon,

One cannot help but admire the views
of a Journalist and a
biblical student.

I would hope that you find a value
in the perspective of a somewhat
different type from Keith Olberman.

Your comment on the 60 Minute
Wallace interview with Ahmadinejad
would be a treasure.

Record a first name if you wish,
and your city. reb


Dr. Fallon said...


God bless you on your long life and service to the United States of America. May you have many, many more years making contributions via Snake Hunter.

I will bookmark your blog and check in from time to time. I'm sure we disagree on many things, but I hope our paths cross in the future and we might discuss our disagreements in the great spirit of openness and respect that characterizes the greatest nation in the history of humankind.