Monday, October 09, 2006

What Americans Are Thinking -- RIGHT NOW

The President's approval numbers languish at about 39%.

An Associated Press/Ipsos poll asked the question: "Which comes closest to your feelings about the Bush Administration: enthusiastic, satisfied but not enthusiastic, dissatisfied but not angry, or angry?" The responses were: enthusiastic, 10% (there's Howie); satisfied, 29% (and those two groups account perfectly for the President's 39% approval rating); dissatisfied, 29%; and angry, 31%. Somehow, 1% of those polled described themselves as "unsure."

A Pew Research Center for the People & the Press shows that more Americans are dissatisfied with the job Republicans are doing in Congess than are satisfied, 56%-33%. However, the same poll shows almost the same level of dissatisfaction with Democrats, 53%-35%.

A Newsweek poll indicates that 64% of Americans think we're "losing ground" in Iraq, believe that Democrats would do a better job in Iraq by a 13 point margin, 47%-34%, and believe the Democrats would do a better job handling the war on terr by a 6 point margin, 44%-37%. The same poll indicates that now --finally -- 58% of Americans believe that the Bush administration "Purposely misled the public about evidence that Iraq had banned weapons in order to build support for war," i.e., LIED.

A CNN poll shows that only 47% of Americans think Republicans in Congress are ethical, while 54% think Democrats are ethical. A Newsweek poll finds more Americans believing that Democrats have a better handle on moral values than Rerpublicans, 42%-36%. And 52% of Americans think that House Speaker Dennis Hastert should resign.

And right now, the Democrats enjoy a 21 point polling advantage, leading Republicans 58%-37%.

Howie, welcome to reality. I've got your Zantac right here.

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