Monday, November 06, 2006

An Edge of Your Seat, White-Knuckled, Hold Your Breath Election

Rasmussen Reports, one of the more conservative (in the methodological, not political, sense) public opinion polling organizations, now says it looks like a dead heat in the Senate. 48 seats will go to the Democrats, and 48 to the Republicans. Four seats, Missouri and Virginia, remain "toss ups."

In Missouri, Claire McCaskill holds a tenuous one point lead over Republican incumbent Jim Talent. In Virginia, Jim Webb and George Allen both command 49% of the vote. In Montana, Jon Tester holds a two point lead over Republican incumbent Conrad Burns. And in Tennessee, Republican Bob Corker holds a four point lead over Harold Ford.

Pennsylvania's Rick Santorum will be replaced by Democrat Bob Casey. Sherrod Brown looks to crush Mike Dewine in Ohio.

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