Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New Mexico, Arizona declare a state of border emergency

First New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson declares a state of emergency and now this.

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano declared a state of emergency along the Mexican border on Monday in an effort to fight illegal immigration and Mexican drug cartel activity in the state.

Napolitano put aside $1.5 million in state emergency funds to these border counties: Yuma, Cochise, Pima and Santa Cruz.

"The federal government has failed to secure our border, and the health and safety of all Arizonans is threatened daily by violent gangs, coyotes and other dangerous criminals," said Napolitano. "These funds provide our law enforcement community with another valuable tool to fight crime related to illegal immigration."

Arizona governor declares state of emergency along Mexican border
by Mike Sunnucks, The Business Journal of Pheonix
Aug. 16, 2005

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