Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bush Approval Ratings Tank (continued...)

(A tip of the hat to Ryan's Review)

In a new CBS News Poll (Feb. 22-26, 2006), the President's job approval ratings fall to the lowest level of his Presidency, with only 34% of Americans polled thinking he's doing a good job, with 59% disapproving, and 7% not sure (on what planet DO those 7% live?).

Only 30% approve of the President's handling of the Iraq war, with 65% disapproving and 5% unsure. The percentage of Americans believing that our invasion was "not worth it" fell slightly(since November) to 63%, but the proportion who believe it was worth it drops to 29%. 8% are unsure whether the war is worth it or not, up from 5% last November.

As it stands right now, as much as 34% of registered Republicans disapprove of Bush's presidency, a bad sign. But the rest off the numbers are astounding. Not only do 86% of Democrats disapprove of the President's performance, but so do 69% of independents.

I smell a mandate: IMPEACH BUSH!!!


jobsanger said...

I'd love to see Bush impeached, but unless an intern gives him a BJ, I don't believe it will happen. That seems to be the only thing worthy of impeachment while the republicans are in charge.

a casey friends said...

Yes! Impeach Bush!
Okay, who is going to start the process?
I'm all for it!