Friday, February 17, 2006

New Abu Ghraib Pix : 546 Photos of Dead POWs

How many pictures would YOU take of the same dead body? Yeah, I know, it's possible if someone was sick enough. But it also possible, considering we've got 546 photos, that they are of a hundred or more dead POWs.

Howie maintains (to this day) that the abuses at Abu Ghraib (and Gitmo, and Bagram, and other places) does not reflect official US policy, but is the work of "a few bad apples." Bunk. A few bad apples can account for this?

...1,325 photographs and 93 video clips of suspected abuse of detainees, 546 photographs of suspected dead Iraqi detainees, as well as 660 images of adult pornography, and 29 pictures of US troops engaged in simulated sex acts.

Only if we're recruiting psychopaths, which, I believe, we're not.

So, how is Washington responding to this? Simple: KILL THE MESSENGER.
The first official response from Washington as well as Baghdad was concerned as much with the impact these new pictures of abuse could have in the Middle East at a time when anger against the west is high. A Pentagon spokesman said the release of additional images of abuse "could only further inflame and possibly incite unnecessary violence in the world".
Yeah, whatever. Don't bother looking to change your own strategic goals or the leaders you choose to achieve them. Lt. Gen. Geoffrey Miller will soon be getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom while some grunts go to jail.
Iraq's prime minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, while condemning the abuse at Abu Ghraib, noted that US soldiers had already been punished for it.
Yeah. Just not the right ones.

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