Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Who "Lost" Iraq?

I can hear it right now: The question on right-wing "talk" radio, the gossip on right-wing blogs, the burning question: Who lost Iraq?

Why, the media, of course. Damned liberals.
Nearly eight in 10 Americans favor changing the U.S. mission in Iraq from direct combat to training Iraqi troops, the Washington Post-ABC News survey found. Sizeable majorities agree with the goal of pulling out nearly all U.S. combat forces by early 2008, engaging in direct talks with Iran and Syria and reducing U.S. financial support if Iraq fails to make enough progress.

Furthermore, a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll shows that only 15% of Americans think the US is winning the war, 14% think the insurgents are winning, and 66% see no winner.

It wasn't the bad plan for deposing Saddam and winning the peace.
It wasn't Abu Ghraib, extraordinary rendition, or secret prisons.
It wasn't the suspension of basic human rights, such as habeas corpus.
It wasn't the Bush administration's inability -- or refusal -- to modify its approach to the problems we are facing in Iraq in the face of compounding difficulties.
It wasn't the utter contempt in which George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzalez and Donald Rumsfeld seemed to hold the intelligence of the American people.

Nothing is Bush's fault, nor his administration's.

It's the media.

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David said...

If the Bush administration had the intelligence to consider their policy on iraq and it's consequences, they would also have had the intelligence to consider the consequences on their own soil, but they didn't. Unless it's all gone according to plan, that is.

*queue conspiracy theories*

Nope, they're probably just stupid. I guess it is a bit unreasonable of me to expect reason from unreasonable human beings.