Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review: The Murder Machine (Padraig Pearse)

This indictment of British education in Ireland is really a thinly-veiled manifesto for radical change by one of the signatories of the Irish Declaration of Independence from Britain, and a martyr in the blood-thirsty British reaction to the 1916 Easter Uprising.

Pearse charges the English with taking away their language and traditions (see my own book, Printing, Literacy, and Education in Eighteenth Century Ireland: Why the Irish Speak English for more information), usurping Irish sovereignty, creating foreign social, political, and cultural institutions, and then educating (or "re-educating") the Irish to administer them, essentially alien institutions, administered by alienated people -- all in their own land.

The "murder" Pearse refers to is a spiritual murder -- a murder of the soul.

Read it. And seethe.

It is available in electronic form at the CELT (Corpus of ELectronic Texts) site.

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