Thursday, August 31, 2006

Novak : GOP's November Chances "Pitiful"

Week of August 30, 2006 by Robert Novak - HUMAN EVENTS

Writing in super-right-wing (home of Ann Coulter), Robert Novak assesses the chances of the GOP holding ground -- fuhgeddaboud making gains -- in the Congress and finds them "pitiful." Unlike Conservative icon Paul Weyrich, he did not try to spin the reasons why Republicans are about to lose power in the Congress, only the facts of the battlefield. And the battlefield is grim.

Novak points to
Republican fears that, as one House committee chairman has said privately, Republicans will lose 25 seats -- or as we were told that national internal polls suggested, they could lose as many as 26 seats.

Referring to a chart which shows Democratic seats in the House "in play," Novak concludes
The first word that comes to mind with this chart is "pitiful"...There is not one easy takeover target for the Republicans this year. Republicans have failed to expand the playing field on the Democrats' side.

Referring then to a chart showing vulnerable GOP seats, Novak observes that
we see a very rich environment of Democratic takeover targets... the fact that there are so many, compared to so few on the Democratic chart, illustrates the problem Republicans face this year. Any way one looks at it, the odds are clearly stacked against the GOP and in favor of Democrats. Republicans are certain to lose House seats this year, even under the best scenario they can envision.

We've been IN THE DARK for so very long. We're not out yet, but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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