Thursday, August 10, 2006

We're at threat level Elmo!*

*No toothpaste from flights out of Britain.

Help prevent potential dry-run terrorist attacks and throw out your toothpaste and shave gel at the airport terminal. Even if you're not on a flight and have never been out of the country before go to your nearest airport and deposit any sort of liquid or gel you may have on you.

But is anyone in the media covering the toothpaste, perfume, shave gel angle of this story?

Thank you WBAY in Wisconsin (where are president visited today).

The San Antonio Press is all over the toothpaste side of this story.

Even the AP has the story boiled down to its basic level, no toothpaste.

ABC is taking the sports beverage, disposable camera side of the story.

MSNBC is taking the more broad "Airport Chaos"headline.

From CBS, An ominouis picture of an airplane with a gray sky in the background and the headline "US:Terrorists were poised to strike"

OK, got the story.

Terror threat up.
Long lines at the airport.
No toothpaste.
And our president is once again reminding us that we are "at war with Islamic facists who will use any means to destroy those who love freedom, to hurt our nation." (It's a tired old line).
But I want information not fear.

Have we learned nothing in 5 years?

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