Monday, October 13, 2008

Associating with terrorists

The argument that Sen. Barack Obama associates with terrorists, or somehow is one himself, because of his past professional relationship with Bill Ayers is a weak one. But I started thinking that if Republicans want to go down that road, where might it lead? If Obama is a terrorist or somehow has bad judgment because he served on a board with Ayers at one time, what does that say for others who have had contact with Ayers over the years?

Ayers is a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Who hired him, I wonder? Let's get that person on the horn because he or she is obviously supporting terrorism. For that matter, UIC as a whole is supporting terrorism, and while we're at it, has anyone contacted the FBI to see if they'll add UIC to the list of terrorist organizations? If you go to the UIC College of Education site, you can find other professors who teach in the same department as Ayers. Are they terrorist sympathizers? Could they be considered terrorists? If we use the same logic that has been used in Obama's case, how can we not? Let's put their pictures on the news. Why is America letting professors who associate with terrorists continue to teach our children? Wait, can we get Ayers' present and past class lists? Because really, if you think about it, any student who took one of Ayers' classes must also be a terrorist. We should see what those students are up to now. Are any of them teaching children presently? If so, we better get them fired as soon as possible, because how can we let someone who would associate with a former domestic terrorist teach in a school anywhere in the country!?

Also, if you look on UIC's Web site, Ayers was recently elected to the College of Education Faculty Senate. Are these people crazy??? Don't they know Ayers is a former terrorist? All of them must be terrorists themselves! Or at the very least have no qualms about associating with terrorists. Someone better do some background checks.

If we use the logic the Republicans have used, imagine how many terrorist sympathizers we have out there. If Obama is guilty of a questionable association, then everyone who attends or teaches at UIC is guilty as well. Pretty absurd.

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