Wednesday, October 01, 2008

McCain in Iowa

Watch as Sen. John McCain's nose grows . . .

If I were on the Des Moines Register editorial board, I would have said, "Please, Sen. McCain, show me that documentation." Because he's lying. Now, there's some straight talk!

Watch McCain get testy when the editorial board questions Gov. Sarah Palin's experience . . .

Disagree all you like, Sen. McCain. You're wrong. I like how he considers being a member of the PTA a serious answer. And how many times did he mention her being a governor and a mayor? McCain was also wrong on a couple points. Sadly, Palin is not the most popular governor in America. Nor are the American people siding with you, Sen. McCain. The polls show that Republicans aren't confident about Palin. McCain hasn't detected that? Maybe he needs to pay more attention. Maybe if he wasn't suspending his campaign, then restarting it, then not phoning it in on the bailout bill, but really phoning it in, he'd have more time to see how support for his VP is tanking, right along with his campaign.

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