Saturday, July 16, 2005

Tehran Times (Iran) : US Uses Illegal Drugs to Secure Its Hegemony

Tehran Times, Iran

The right will not like this. I myself am far from convinced (God knows I want to believe this isn't true). But I've noted before (here and here) that wherever the US exercizes its power in the world, the spread of illegal drugs doesn't seem to be far behind.

In the past, when pointing out this apparent connection, I've asked for comments. Well, an editorial writer for the Tehran Times sees the connection, at least in Afghanistan and the middle east, and has commented on it. The writer says
U.S. forces have taken no serious action to curtail drug production in Afghanistan, because the U.S. is determined to expand global drug addiction and smuggling to help it realize goals.

Why? What are those goals?
The expansion of global drug smuggling and addiction, besides providing windfall financial profits, exacerbates poverty, increases moral corruption, and keeps people backwards. This, in turn, helps the U.S. assert its hegemony over the world.

"Freedom" on the march...

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