Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Say no to milk

Two Mexican immigrants say that Republican dairy owner Jim Oberweis and a Lake in the Hills subcontractor paid them well below minimum wage to clean three suburban Oberweis ice cream shops. We're talking $3.23 an hour instead of the $350 they were each promised for 2 weeks. How many people can survive on $3.23 an hour?! Let me put that into perspective folks---imagine getting paid $258.40 for 80 hours of work. Yeah sure--that's a lot better than the 8 cents an hour they'd get paid in Mexico. So why do you think they came to work in the United States in the first place?

And Jim Oberweis is running for Illinois governor next year. So Illinoisans: you now know who NOT to vote for next year.

Something is really wrong here. Mexican President Fox and President Bush really need to put on the cowboy boots and talk--pronto.

And say no to milk--Oberweis, that is.

Suit: Oberweis milked illegal labor
Chicago Sun-Times - November 9, 2005

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LonewackoDotCom said...

Unfortunately, the issue of illegal immigration is very complex, and this analysis is not. This story also appears to have a few interesting complexities as well.

For instance, they aren't "immigrants", they're illegal aliens.

And, according to the same report quoted in the post, those "immigrant's rights groups" videotaped them working in the stores. What does that sound like to you?