Saturday, March 11, 2006

America : HELP!!! We Are IN THE DARK

Associated Press poll--Direction of Country

For roughly the last twelve months, Americans have been waking up to the fact that they made an ENORMOUS mistake in November of 2004. As much as I wish this prince of darkness and his entire court were banished to the cornfield at the last election, I still say better late than never.

A new Associated Press poll (March 6-8, 2006) documents the change. 67% of Americans polled believe that the United States is moving in the wrong direction, while only 30% believe we're on the right track. That's a bigger margin saying they believe we're IN THE DARK than at any time in the entire Bush presidency. Last week's Los Angeles Times poll similarly showed 64% saying we've gone wrong and 30% saying we're doing fine. That too was the biggest margin of this presidency.

The same AP poll gives President Bush a whopping 37% job approval rating. 60%, however, are NOT delusional and disapprove of the job he is doing. And it gets worse, because up until just the last few weeks, Americans who were dissatisfied with the Bush presidency were still inclined to look favorably on him as a person. No more. An ABC News/Washington Post poll (March 2-5, 2006) indicates that most people just don't like the President. 54% say they have an "unfavorable impression" of the President, while 46% say he is okay.

AP indicates that 58% of Americans believe we've screwed the pooch in Iraq. Only 39% believe the pooch is enjoying it.

And (again AP) this GOP Congress has to go. If the 2006 elections were held today, 47% of Americans would rather see Democrats take control of Congress while 36% would prefer to see the Republicans maintain control. That's almost a big enough margin to overcome gerrymandered districts and insufficient voting machines in Democratic polling precincts.

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