Saturday, March 11, 2006

Si se puede (Yes, it can be done)

I know this is SkeetsV's territory but the thousands of immigrants that decended on downtown Chicago were truly inspiring.

Yes, it can be done--the people can make a difference when we choose to come together. Yesterday I heard the typical complaints from people saying that we need to keep illegal immigrants out of this country and that illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from hard working Americans. The truth is these people are coming to America for the same reason everyone else is here--the American dream (if it still exists). The only difference US citizens and the illegal immigrants is that they seem to be willing to fight for it.

One of the things that no one seems to be talking about is why these people are leaving Mexico. The United States should work with Mexico to improve workers rights, health and human rights conditions instead of just tightening board control. But then there are still those people in this country who are living IN THE DARK.

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