Thursday, March 23, 2006

News from Darfur

The situation in Darfur grows more dire with each passing day.

Since the mainstream media doesn't really satisfy my need for information regarding the horrible genocide taking place in this country I turned to the internet. I have been listening to a podcast called Voices on Genocide Prevention. The audio series is presented by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and is hosted by Committee on Conscience Staff Director, Jerry Fowler.

The podcast recently featured New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. Kristof talked about Darfur and is apparently giving a trip away with him to Africa. Kristof is looking for a student to go to somewhere in Africa with him and blog about the experience on the New York Times website. Kristof said that he is not looking for someone with a lot of traveling experience but someone who is interested in a once in a lifetime experience uncovering the truth in a part of the world that the media otherwise ignores.


Katharine said...

Peter, did you know that the Times recently accepted $1 million from the Sudanese government for a special advertising section that touts Sudan's "peaceful, prosperous and democratic future" and complains about international media coverage "focused almost exclusively on the fighting between rebels and Arab militias" in Darfur? It's time for the advertising department to develop a standard of ethics regarding what ads it accepts.

Spatchcock said...

Relax. Everything's going to be just fine. The United Nations is on the case.