Thursday, March 02, 2006

Americans IN THE DARK About Constitutional Rights

This is a sad and frightening statement to make:

Half of 1,000 Americans randomly surveyed by the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum could name at least two of the five members of Fox Television's Simpson family, the stars of the network's long-running show.

But just 28 percent of respondents could name more than one of the five freedoms listed in the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment -- about the same proportion that could name all five Simpson family members or could recall the three judges on Fox TV's top-rated "American Idol."

There is widespread, but not total, ignorance about the Constitution and our rights. Many Americans came name some of our rights, but very few can name them all.
Freedom of religion was recalled by 24 percent, freedom of the press by 11 percent, freedom of assembly by 10 percent, and freedom to petition for redress of grievances (right to a day in court) by 1 percent.
But wait -- it gets worse:
Among other rights not mentioned in the Constitution but listed by some respondents was the right to drive and the right to have pets.
Is there any question that this ignorance explains -- at least in part -- why we allow this to happen?
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