Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Al Qa'ida : Iraq 'A University of Terrorism'

An Update on the "So-called War on Terror"TM
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An audiotape posted on an Islamic extremeist website provides more information on the state of the war in Iraq. A voice on that tape, purportedly belonging to Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of an al Qa'ida-linked group calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq, indicates that George W. Bush's plan to rid the world of terrorism and sow the seeds of freedom and democracy may not be working as expected.

The largest batch of soldiers for jihad... in the history of Iraq are graduating and they have the highest level of competence in the world... From the military point of view, one of the (enemy) devils was right in saying that if Afghanistan was a school of terror, then Iraq is a university of terrorism.

The fear of the American Marines has disappeared from the hearts of the people of the world, as the mujahideen have become thousands from the few they were after the fall of the infidel Baath regime. These are just some of the achievements of four years of jihad.

al-Baghdadi also claimed that al Qa'ida has set up facilities in Iraq to manufacture their own rockets.

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