Thursday, June 07, 2007

Watch for Dr. Fallon on a Webcast Friday Evening

I'm off to Mexico City for the weekend to attend the eighth annual conference of the Media Ecology Association. I've been invited to present a paper based on my book, Printing, Literacy, and Education in Eighteenth Century Ireland : Why the Irish Speak English. The book has been nominated for a number of awards, and I'm feeling pretty good about its chances.

If you're interested, Friday evening at 7:00 pm (CDT -- 1:00 am Saturday Greenwich mean time) there is an awards ceremony being webcast from the conference (actually, the entire conference has been webcast). You can find it by clicking this link. You'll need Windows Media Player to view the webcast.

Well, even if my book doesn't win anything, I'll be there. But, as I said, I'm feeling pretty confident about its chances. So tune in and see if I get to make an acceptance speech. Hey, I know, it's not the Oscars....

And I'll be back Monday with a full report.