Friday, June 03, 2005

America's 'Gulags' Prove That History Repeats Itself

America's 'Gulags' Prove That History Repeats Itself:

An OpEd piece in The Daily Star (Bangladesh) takes the US to task for trampling human rights in the "gulags," and questions the proposition that the US "war on terror" is making the world safer:
None of these inmates participated in the bombing of the twin towers, but happened to be ideologically and militarily connected with an extremist movement that vowed to fight American hegemony on their soil. Many of them have been held without trial, their lives shattered by bestial treatment in the newly invented American gulags. It doesn't take a Sigmund Freud to explain how depravity begets depravity until an entire society is consumed by deranged minds.

The article illustrates just how differently the Bush administration and the rest of the world sees reality:
While releasing its report in a press conference, Amnesty International called on foreign governments to investigate Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield and other U.S. leaders for the torture of prisoners on their watch. Last Wednesday, Donald Rumsfield held his own press conference in the Pentagon, issuing warnings to any country that might give shelter or medical assistance to terrorists.

Does that include the US and Luis Posada Carriles?

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