Tuesday, June 14, 2005

U.S. Opposed Probe of Uzbek Killings

U.S. Opposed Calls at NATO for Probe of Uzbek Killings

Backing up Matt's post (yesterday), here's more on George W. Bush's ugly friendship with barbarous, tyrranical butcher, Uzbek President Islam Karimov.

Defense officials from Russia and the United States last week helped block a new demand for an international probe into the Uzbekistan government's shooting of hundreds of protesters last month, according to U.S. and diplomatic officials.

British and other European officials had pushed to include language calling for an independent investigation in a communique issued by defense ministers of NATO countries and Russia after a daylong meeting in Brussels on Thursday. But the joint communique merely stated that "issues of security and stability in Central Asia, including Uzbekistan," had been discussed.

When you lie down with dogs, Howie, you get up with fleas. Now, tell me that the Bush "war on terror" is not a sham....

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Mary said...

You beat me to the post...was just getting ready to post about this...very disturbing indeed...now why isn't this story being talked about on let's say, Hardball?...This story proves further the lies of this administration's so-called benevolence of spreading "democracy"....
Check this out:
"Uzbek asylum seekers face coercion to return" (IRIN)