Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Nixon : Indira Gandhi an 'Old Witch'

Nixon Called Indira Gandhi an 'Old Witch' -- Associated Press

This is the hero of the neo-con crowd. You remember, the guy who subverted the US Constitution, obstructed justice, set up an illegal secret police force, and was forced to resign in disgrace rather than face certain impeachment? The guy whose crime-shortened legacy the right tried to avenge by impeaching a sitting President for lying about sex? The guy who, when his incompetent and immoral prosecution of the Vietnam war (m0re than 20,000 of the 53,000 Americans who died in Vietnam were killed during Nixon's presidency, and he ran on a platform of ending the war) forced a generally supportive media to start looking critically at our involvement there, helped to create the myth of the "liberal media?"

Yeah, That guy. Well, we don't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore. Thanks be to God. But we do have this other guy...

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agitprop said...

Nixon had a dirty mouth. The Nixon White House tapes reveal an alcoholic president that used nasty epithets to refer to blacks and Jews. What's funny is the Nixon Library paints such a great picture of the man. Unfortunately I live about thirty miles from the library and birthplace here in Orange County, CA.