Tuesday, June 07, 2005

And Still Another E-mail to a Right-Wing Friend in NY

On my way into the city today (my kind of town, Chicago is), I passed a Baptist church with one of those message boards out front, the kind used to "advertize" the pastor's sermon for the week. It said, "It is better to fail doing the right thing, than to succeed doing the wrong thing."

It made me think about our ongoing discussions. The US is both doing the wrong thing right now, and failing at it. And in both cases, the people most supportive refuse to acknowledge the reality that I see. For instance, you remain convinced that the US is doing the right thing now, even though the Bushies NEVER said the invasion was about democracy, but actually said it was about WMDs (there were none), haven for terrorists (it wasn't, but now is), and ties to Al Qa'ida (there weren't but now are). There's also been very little movement--if any--towards democracy.

You also believe that we're "winning" this thing, and I can't figure out how you righties measure this. There's more terrorism now in Iraq than under Saddam. Al Qa'ida has a strong foothold in the country. Thousands of Americans are dead, tens of thousands wounded, and a hundred thousand Iraqis dead. The result of this "liberation" is shaping up to be an Islamic theocratic republic, and Sharia law is taking hold. Iraq has become a way station for drug trafficking. We are trampling on human rights, and our illegal POW camps are lawless. We are hated around the world. We are more of a target for terror than before. Even our allies are only begrudgingly friendly to us. And the insurgency is getting stronger.

You call this winning?

I'd rather fail speaking the truth than support lies and liars who claim to be "winning."

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