Monday, October 24, 2005

Big Time the Source Who Outed Plame?

Cheney Told Aide of C.I.A. Officer, Notes Show - New York Times

Okay, Howie, are you ready?

Cheney outed Valerie Plame to Libby. Libby outed Plame to Judy Miller. Libby lied about the source of the info to a grand jury, saying he got Plame's identity from "a journalist" (this whopper was still circulating among the desperate right-wing media pundits this weekend). It is uncertain that either man knew of Plame's covert status with the CIA. But no matter, as it is the deliberate attempt to lure US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury investigation away from the Vice President that has Libby--and Presidential Aide Karl Rove--in hot water.

Howie is, of course, wringing his hands at the "criminalization of politics" going on in this case, indicting people for a crime that the grand jury was not originally charged to investigate.

Howie says I have a set of balls.

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