Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Guardian (UK) : Another Milestone -- 2,000 US Troops Killed in Iraq

Guardian Unlimited World Latest U.S. Military Deaths Reach 2,000 in Iraq

2,000 dead for a series of lies. Nice work, Mr. President. Thanks, Howie. However, Steve Boylan, the chief spokesman for the American-led coalition force says not to worry--the 2,000th death should not be taken too seriously because it is an "artificial milestone."

There is no end in sight, and no strategy whatsoever to either win or get out. And this time next year we should be approaching 2, 750 deaths. But don't worry. That's not even a round number.

Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. William Webster Jr., the Commander of all coalition forces in Baghdad, said the Iraqi Army won't be ready to defend their country for two years.

God help us all for what we've done.


Hons2 said...

I agree. How long will it be before we naive Americns wake up ? Our Gov't is out of control I fear.

Anonymous said...

Criminy. It's not an "artificial milestone." It's 2,000 body bags. 2,000 people who died because their leaders lied.