Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Bush Legacy -- a Reality Check

The "legacy" of the Bush presidency is one of failure -- failed policies, failed worldview, failure to uphold the Constitution, failure to respect the will of the people -- utter failure.

This legacy includes:

On the plus side, perhaps we'll see, as a result of Bush's disastrous presidency, an attenuation of

This is just scratching the surface. We're only up to May of 2005. More to follow as the Bush presidency dwindles.


Anonymous said...

While I'm sure you used autistic license for the effect, repeating bullet points to make a long list doesn't really make that list longer. It is the argumentative technique of a child. Or a Media Ecologist... just sayin'...

Media Ecology. Hmmm. Sounds like a made-up profession. Would a sub-division of that skill set be Television Fishery Management? Perhaps Radio Forrestry? Journalistic Hydrology?

I found your blog because my blog was visited by USAIC-CECOM and I wondered who that might have been. I googled them, as you did, and found your rather paranoid rant about your blog locking up. I see that it has recovered nicely, and while it's good that your paranoia has gone for naught, after perusing your blog and your childish YouTube efforts, it's a shame that your fears weren't realized. It's idiots like you with made-up academic fields that I fight for.

While you are a noisy little appendage on this society, other than inane entertainment value, what do you really provide for anyone? Obviously, someone pays you to perform your feats of media ecology; but what benefit you have to society, other than to purvey your asinine political bent, I have no idea.

My field is Anthropological Advertising.

May you live forever.

Dr. Fallon said...

Thank you for your highly intellectual comments and your valuable lessons in satire. I've learned so much.