Thursday, December 23, 2004

U.S. Tightens Budgetary Belt by Cutting Food Aid

U.S. tightens budgetary belt by cutting food aid

Merry Christmas, Red Staters. Here are your "christian values" (I used lower case "c" deliberately--do not confuse these self-styled "christians" with Christianity) on display. George W. Bush's values, which Red Staters have incredibly conflated somehow with Christianity, are the values of free-market capitalism, expansion of business, and empire. In fairness, Bush has been convinced that Jesus was a capitalist (that's right--Jesus was a capitalist) and that capitalism is the preferred economic system for Christians. But empires aren't cheap, and when the bulk of your military/defense/infotainment economy is bogged down in an expensive war to expand capitalism (yes, capitalism--not Democracy), something has to be sacrificed.

Guess what? And guess who suffers? Certainly not Halliburton. Certainly not United Defense. Certainly not GE. Or Lockheed-Martin. Or General Dynamics. Or Raytheon. Or United Technologies or Northrop-Grumman or Bechtel.

Who suffers? The poor.

What a surprise.

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