Monday, December 13, 2004

Car Bomber Kills 13 in Baghdad; Clashes Again in Falluja

AP News

In an information environment that is trying to control, manipulate, and "spin" the news, an information environment that seeks to focus on "good news" only, it is important to (at the very least) take note of the "bad news," and there is much bad news still in Iraq.

The insurgency is far from dead. Even "pacified" Falluja is seeing renewed violence. Elections will take place next month, even as new questions arise about their relevance. We are increasing our troop strength to 150,000--the highest number of troops in Iraq since the beginning of the war (by the way, there are still only about 11,000 troops in Afghanistan where Osama bin Laden continues to hide).

And, we're told, there will be no draft.

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