Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Howard Dean : "If this election had been decided on moral values, Democrats would have won."

Democracy For America

At George Washington University today (December 8, 2004), Governor Howard Dean spoke about the future direction of the Democratic Party.

He questioned the often-trumpeted assumption that George W. Bush's win signaled the GOP's monopoly on "values." The Democratic Party, he said, has historically been the party of social justice, of civil rights, of workers and wage-earners, and of the disenfranchised. The question, he said, is not one of moving to the left or to the right, but of focussing on a destination, and getting there.

"The destination of the Democratic Party," he said, "means making it a party that can communicate with its supporters and with all Americans. Politics is at its best when we create and inspire a sense of community. The tools that were pioneered in my campaign -- like blogs, and meetups, and streaming video -- are just a start. We must use all of the power and potential of technology as part of an aggressive outreach to meet and include voters, to work with the state parties, and to influence media coverage. "

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