Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Iraqi Insurgents : It's NOT about Islam

Video: A Message From The Iraq Resistance

There's been a second car bombing in Baghdad's "green zone" in as many days; at least twelve US soldiers have died since Sunday (not counting this most recent attack). Iraq's interim President has criticized US tactics and warned that the chaos and violence are creating an environment for an extremist dictatorship to occur. A 70 year old retired Army Colonel has been reactivated and shipped off to Afghanistan.

And there will be no draft.

Meanwhile, Information Clearing House posted the linked video to their website this morning. It is an insurgent's-eye-view of the war in Iraq. Make no mistake about it: this is a classic example of wartime propaganda, as the English-speaking voice describes the struggle, honors the fighters, and appeals for aid from the viewer. It is propaganda, and it is very similar to the messages that Americans have been subjected to, from the opposite point of view, since 2002.

What is striking about the message is one particular point, a point I've believed and have been trying to make since before the US invasion of Iraq. The insurgent/narrator claims the struggle is about resources, geopolitics, globalization, and exploitation. This video frames the conflict in entirely political and economic terms. It is not about Islam, and matters religious are barely touched upon in the video.

A war to defend religious freedom? A war about oil? Which of these two would you rather sell to the American people?

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