Sunday, December 12, 2004

UNICEF : World's Children Suffer Under Poverty, Disease, War

Children Under Attack in War, Unprotected from Disease

Here's one for the "values voters": you justify going to war in a country that hasn't threatened us, hasn't supported Al Qa'ida specifically or terrorism generally, and had no weapons of mass destruction (but does have a great deal of oil), all the while turning global support away from us and creating new generations of terrorists; but you can't justify fully supporting the United Nations, international nuclear test ban treaties, international protocols for the removal of pollutants from the air, global labor regulation, or anything else that might hamstring corporate profits.

The US is the #1 manufacturer and dealer of international weapons of mass destruction; the richest country on earth, with the highest per capita income; the longest lifespan and among the lowest infant mortality rates. We reap all the benefits of global capitalism as we exploit the resources, labor, and markets of other nations, but think ourselves immune to any global responsibility.

Judge us by how we treat the weakest among us? God help America.

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