Sunday, May 22, 2005

Bush--are you listening?

Congressman Jim Kolbe said that last week's immigration legislation to Congress "doesn't try to solve the hemorrhaging immigration problem with simply a Band-Aid. This is major surgery."

This much-needed legislation comes from Senators John McCain and Edward Kennedy and Representatives Jeff Flake and Jim Kolbe, both Republicans from Arizona, and Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois.

This bill includes a new temporary visa program that would allow foreign workers to fill jobs. Also, undocumented immigrants already in the country would be eligible for these visas (which could last up to six years). To apply for permanent status, these workers would have to go through security checks and requirements to pay back taxes and fines of $2,000 or more. And they'd also have to understand English.

Hopefully immigrants won't have to stand in long lines and fill out tons of forms that are difficult to understand. This bill sounds like a good plan and it's supported by some heavy hitters.

President Bush-- are you listening?

Major immigration surgery
NY Times - May 20, 2005

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