Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lost in translation or a bad case of machismo?

Mexican President Vicente Fox met with Rev. Jesse Jackson in Mexico City yesterday. And the meeting only lasted for a little over an hour. Also, Fox didn't participate in a news conference right after because he had to rush to northern Mexico. A little rude--especially since Jackson flew all the way there from Chicago.

And speaking on Fox's behalf was Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez: "This relationship, which today became closer for the Mexican government, is one more avenue, one more process of mutual support in the search for a common objective that is integrated, complete migratory reform."

Jackson said: "(Fox) now realizes the harmful effects of (his comments on Friday). He seeks to correct it by acting and by reaching out."

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell said in her column today that Fox "forgets there are lazy people in every race." Also, Mitchell said that Jackson let Fox off the hook too easy; Jackson should have told Fox he was wrong.

I agree.

Maybe there's a cultural difference going on here. The things that Fox says in Mexico doesn't necessarily translate to the same thing here in the United States. Maybe that's what happened. Or maybe Fox just doesn't want to admit that he was wrong (the word machismo comes to mind here).

Fox agreed to appear on Jackson's radio show this Sunday. We'll see if Fox apologizes then.

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