Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Windy City Lefty : Evidence Shows Q'uran Desecration Probably Happened

Indy Weblogs Post

There's evidence it happened before the example Newsweek cited. What we're seeing now, as we saw with the "Memo-gate" case, is the right-wing attempt to show less-than-perfect reporting and conclude that specific allegations are untrue.

In the "Memo-gate" case, a specific memo, purported to be written by Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, and stating that Bush was AWOL for long periods, was proven to be a forgery. Ipso facto, Bush was NOT AWOL. Yet Killian's secretary, 86 year old Marion Carr Knox, stated flatly that they were an accurate summary of Killian's thoughts. “I know that I didn’t type them," she said back in September. "However, the information in those is correct.”

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