Sunday, May 15, 2005

Karzai : Afghan Protesters "Hate Progress"

Karzai Says Afghan Progress Is Protests' Real Target - New York Times

You see, it wasn't that the US invaded their country two and a half years ago and sent fleeing a Taliban government that devout Muslims were pretty happy with; it wasn't that, since the Taliban's departure, Afghanistan has become one of the top world producers of poppies to produce heroin; it wasn't that Hamid Karzai, widely seen in the Muslim world as a puppet of the US, is protected by American body guards; it wasn't even that the US invasion and occupation of Iraq has become a rallying cry for the expansion of jihad; it certainly wasn't the recent history of US brutality human rights violations against Islamic "detainees" in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, and many other places; and it had nothing to do with US soldiers pissing on the Q'uran.

Karzai says the protesters his troops are shooting in Kabul are "enemies of peace," and "enemies of stability."

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