Monday, May 16, 2005

A Message to Those of You Good Enough to Visit this Blog on a Regular Basis:

Thanks for being one of the several dozen (no, we're NOT the "dailyKos") people who repeatedly come to read this weblog. I'd like to ask two favors of you (and anyone else reading this): 1] if you haven't done so already, please bookmark this blog and visit often; 2] whenever you visit, please (PLEASE!) help me raise money for a worthwhile cause by clicking on our advertiser links.

All the proceeds of advertisements go to the Big Laurel Learning Center in Naugatuck, West Virginia. I'll be traveling down there this July to help some college students (from Molloy College in Rockville Centre, NY) run a summer camp for Appalachian children. I'd like to bring a couple of hundred dollars if I can. But the advertisements on this page generate revenue ONLY if they are clicked on.

If you really like the blog, by the way, you can also purchase items from the IN THE DARK store on Cafe Press. There are mugs, sweatshirts, and bumperstcikers with the IN THE DARK logo for sale. And--again and as always--all proceeds go to the Big Laurel Learning Center.



Deb said...

...and I think this post should be in the next PBU newsletter.


Deb said...

Hey, Wow!! That "Blogging Evolved" link (squarespace) is well worth visiting. I'm drooling.