Friday, April 08, 2005

EditorMom: "Where Are the Good Christians?"

EditorMom: "Where Are the Good Christians?"

Well, EditorMom out on Long Island (my old stomping ground) sounds a bit fed up with the Pharisees and Saduccees of the religious right-wing in the US. I know exactly how she feels. Howie: You should be reading EditorMom's blog. She could, perhaps, teach you a few things I have been unable to.


Grumpymann said...

I wondered my way over here from EditorMom, I just wonder where people like you guys have been the past few years? If I had seen more people like you as I past the church I may have stopped in to at least say hello. Well keep up the good works and fight the good fight against those that want to define God in a way I don't think he would like very much. (Yeah I know they would not agree with how I think God is defined but in my case I do not presume to talk for him when it comes to the final disposition of someone else's soul). Speak out more often and maybe a little louder it may lead someone to God and not away from him.

Dr. Fallon said...

We've always been here, Grump. But I think we've never been comfortable about the "preaching" part (you know, like you said, speaking out more and louder). St. Francis said something like, "Preach the Gospel constantly. When necessary, use words." Some Christians don't like to talk the talk as much as they walk the walk.

The near anonymity of a blog allows us to talk the talk a bit more.