Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Yahoo! News - Rove Decries Media Approach to Government

The media have started applying the horse race style of campaign coverage to daily reporting on government, leading to adversarial reporting that can obscure the truth just to create conflict, President Bush's chief political strategist said Monday.

Speaking at a forum at Washington College, Karl Rove said the influx of media outlets and the shrinking shelf life of news in a 24-hour news cycle are to blame.

"We are substituting the shrill and rapid call of the track announcer for calm judgment, fact and substance," Rove told the crowd of roughly 600 students and local residents....

Rove countered the general notion among conservatives that mainstream media outlets skew liberal. He said the press corps is "less liberal than it is oppositional" and admitted to being a listener of National Public Radio.

Very ironic, coming from Karl Rove. But he's right. Too bad he didn't speak out about it during the last presidential campaign.

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