Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Negroponte Role in Covert War Revealed

Negroponte role in covert war revealed - World -

Another sign that freedom is on the march, the Senate Intelligence Committee is questioning John Negroponte prior to the full Senate voting on his nomination as the first "intelligence czar" in US history. This is a man, records now confirm, who oversaw a terrorist war--complete with CIA-trained death squads, kidnapping, and torture--against Nicaragua in the 1980s. His nomination to any high government post is a statement to the world that the UNITED STATES APPROVES OF TERRORISM WHEN IT IS USED AGAINST OUR STRATEGIC OPPONENTS.

This is a shame, and in light of all the right-wing praise for the late Pontiff, Pope John Paul II, I might also add it is a terrible sin.

What kind of example is that, Howie?

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