Thursday, April 21, 2005

Open mouth, insert foot

The last time I checked, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't even born in the United States. So I don't know where he gets the nerve to say that the United States should "close the borders."

He said this on Tuesday while speaking to -- believe it or not -- the Newspaper Association of America. I bet you after that comment the reporters had a field day. And immediately after he said "close the borders," an aide quickly explained to reporters that the governor meant to say we needed tighter border security. (Nice try.)

Schwarzenegger apologized--blaming it on a "language problem." He said, "And the bottom line is, I misspoke and I'm sorry if that, you know, offended anyone. But it was a language problem, because I meant securing our borders rather than closing our borders...I think we have a terrific relationship with Mexico. I have done myself four movies in Mexico. I love to go on vacation in Mexico. I think we have a great trade relationship with Mexico. We're good friends."

Well Mr. Governor, with stupid comments like that, you won't have many good friends left.

L.A. Times - April 21, 2005
Governor, Nuñez Retreat From Daring Statements
Schwarzenegger had urged the border be closed; Assembly speaker had threatened to tie up budget talks over workers' comp.
By Peter Nicholas, Times Staff Writer

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