Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wall Street Journal : Red Cross--Friend or Foe?

OpinionJournal - Extra

The WSJ is unhappy that the International Committee of the Red Cross has, for the last three years, "clashed" with the US over treatment and legal status of prisoners at Guantanamo. The WSJ is even more unhappy that the ICRC wants the US to adhere to a protocol to the Geneva Convention that gives prisoner of war status to non-uniformed, non-governmental guerilla fighters. And the WSJ is unhappy that the ICRC has "interposed" itself into such areas as arms control, into the banning of landmines and cluster bombs.

David Rivkin and Lee Casey, writing in and for the Wall Street Journal, served in the Justice Department under Reagan and Bush I. And they have a solution to the "problem" of the ICRC. Cut off US funding in contravention (AGAIN) of the Geneva Conventions.

Will someone please wake me from this nightmare?

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