Monday, April 11, 2005

No One in the "Air" Really Cares

A recent opinion poll that appeared on the Air America Radio web site asked listeners to fill in the blank to this statement "I want more mainstream media coverage of..." Tom Delay's Corruption ... The Iraq War ... The nuclear option/Supreme Court decisions ... Terri Schiavo and Michael Jackson ... Prisoner abuse scandals.

You can probably guess which one I voted for.

Here's the results:

1. Tom Delay: 3,581 (72%)
2. The Iraq War: 559, (11.25%)
3. Nuclear Option: 456, (9.18%)
4. Prisoner Abuse: 280, (5.64%)
5. Terri & Michael: 92, (1.85%)

And it's a landslide for Delay! (Which is a good story but could easily be turned into sour grapes). I'm just glad that whichever god whomwatches over Internet polls kept Terri & Michael from beating out the poor prisoners.

This proves Scott's point; people just don't want news that makes them think. No one, not even the so-called liberals, really care about prisoner abuse.

I know this isn't by any means a scientific poll. But it's scary nonetheless, that liberal people, people that are more apt to care about human rights could in reality care less.

Cynicism rising...

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Dr. Fallon said...

No cynicism, Matt. No time for it. No reason for it. No good to it. No use for it.