Sunday, April 24, 2005

United States: The degradation of America

Political movements afoot in the U.S. culture—the Christian Right vs. a West and East Coast Progressive Voice and a partisan congress—will strengthen division and weaken the voice of the minority. And politicians are leading this front.

One Republican-led division is the nomination of John Bolton for U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. (Conservative bio, click here. Progressive bio, click here). Bolton’s nomination is strongly supported by the Bush administration. His nomination is currently on hold because he stands accused of lacking inter-personal skills needed to be respectful of other people, much less other cultures. (Click here for more detail.)

The second is its attack on the U.S. constitution. The Republicans look at it as if it is malleable, needing a rewrite. And we’ve seen this in several ways: the U.S. PATRIOT Act, Gay Marriage, and eliminating the filibuster during judicial nominations.

Few may know about the filibuster, an historic right written into the constitution to protect the minority voice. When it comes to judical nominations, the Republicans want the filibuster gone.

Yes. A partisan congress slows the passing of bills and nominations. But why vote out a protection built into the constitution by the founders? Will they not be a minority again—one that may need a filibuster power to protect their constituents?

If Bush wants to improve his seemingly inevitable lame duck status, he should withdraw Bolton’s nomination and end this ridiculous filibuster discussion. There are more important things going on: war.

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